Seam is Passionate About Sustainable, Interior Design.

Sustainable design is the new “interior design” because it also looks for ways to cut costs, be energy efficient, last longer, and be a benefit to the environment.

We don’t only make things beautiful. Sustainable design also saves you money in the long run.

Seam believes that sustainability is a simple concept that encourages designers and builders to consider holistic alternatives to standard building processes.


Meet Lillie Keener, LEED Green Associate




Lillie has five years of commercial interior and sustainable design experience, mainly serving tribal clients across the country. She is a citizen of Cherokee Nation and strives to benefit communities like hers by designing safe, healthy interior environments that provide beautiful and functional spaces for all building occupants. Lillie has contributed to many types of building projects and appreciates the nuances and challenges of varied project types. She recognizes the positive impact that the building industry can have on the environment and is a proponent of responsible building practices.

Her expertise lies in community and client relations, conceptual design, FF&E selection, and architectural drafting. In her free time, Lillie enjoys cycling, crafting, and spending time with her family.

  • Education: B.S. in Sustainable Design from the University of Oklahoma Norman, OK


  • American Indian Chamber of Commerce Native Business Member, Tulsa Chapter
  • Remember The Removal Legacy Association Member


  • Leadership Native Oklahoma Graduate Class of 2017
  • Top 50 Native Entrepreneurs Award 2019 Native Business Magazine
Lillie Keener is the owner of Seam Sustainable Design

“I had the opportunity to observe Lillie’s interaction with her clients as well as her internal and external team members and she was always held in high regard. As a fellow chair on the Board where we both serve, I regularly received unsolicited praise from our members commending Lillie’s outstanding level of professionalism and dedication to finishing projects on time.”

Jen Hubbard

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Chloeta

Our Design Process

Seam Sustainable Design focuses on designing holistic alternatives to standard building processes.  

Our mission is to create sustainable and beautiful interior environments.


It is important for the Seam Team to develop a working relationship with a prospective client. We do our best to prove to the client that we are worthy of their trust, trust that will improve the design process and ensure the project’s positive outcome.

The client should feel free and open to communicate aesthetic and functional preferences and requirements that will begin to create the “program” of the space.

The program is made up of all project information designers need to make product selections that will meet the client’s and the project’s goals. 


Seam’s design process begins with a conversation with our clients. We seek to understand the client’s goals and intentions for the spaces involved in the project before moving further into the design process.

Taking the research and Client goals into consideration, we go to the drawing board to create 3D sketches of designs that the Client reviews.

Because design processes can last weeks, months, and even years, it is important that clients have faith that the Seam Team is just as dedicated to their project’s success and they are. 



Once sustainable design elements have been approved, the creation starts! 

With the client’s intentions in mind, we endeavor to select high quality finishes, furniture, materials, and fixtures that embody the client’s aesthetic goals and meet their budget requirements. The client’s input is valued throughout this process until we arrive at a final design package that makes all of the project stakeholder’s happy.

Our Vision

To further the advancement of and see the standardization of responsible, sustainable building practices.

Our Values

      1. Resilience
      2. Transparency
      3. Collaboration
      4. Strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit
      5. Continuous Learning

Top 50 Native Entrepreneurs Award 2019 Native Business Magazine

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